JobCONNECT - Edmonton

JobCONNECT offers Career Information & Personalized Job Placement Services
to help you find employment.


Is JobCONNECT for me?

JobCONNECT works with all Albertans who are unemployed or underemployed, and who have the motivation, attitude and initiative to find full-time employment.  Participants may be receiving Income Support, have had their Employment Insurance (EI) benefits run out, or have a limited/ sporadic work history.

How much does JobCONNECT cost?

ALL JobCONNECT services are provided at No Cost to participants

When does the next JobCONNECT group start?

JobCONNECT offers continuous intake so contact us TODAY and we will begin working on your personalized strategy to reach the goal of obtaining full-time employment

What can I expect from participating in JobCONNECT?

JobCONNECT offers a range of services to meet your job search needs:

  • An Employment Resource Centre that offers Information, Tools, & Resources for a Successful Job Search
  • Job Club: Networking for Employment Connections
  • Job Matching & Placement: Connect with Employers who have job openings
  • Employment Preparation & Personal Development Workshops
  • Personalized Coaching & Support
  • Careers Events with Employers & Industry        
  • Ongoing motivation, support & coaching…even after you start your job! 


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The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada
to provide employment support programs and services.