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Supporting Albertans to reach their Employment & Career Goals!!!

BGS, in partnership with Alberta Community & Social Services (CSS), is proud to deliver Career & Employment workshops throughout the Greater Edmonton Region.

Our Career & Employment Workshops provide information, strategies, techniques & practical tips to assist all Albertans to prepare for the workforce/educational opportunities, to understand the current labour market, to learn effective job search skills for finding & maintaining work & to improve their current employment & career prospects.  

We offer workshops for all stages of your employment/career planning.  

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We currently offer the following workshops (see below for detailed descriptions):

  • Career Planning

  • Planning for School or Training; Buyer Beware

  • Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Transferable Skills: Leveraging Your Assets

  • Mid-Life Employment Moves for Older Workers

  • Introduction to Computers

  • Money $marts: Intro to Financial Literacy

  • Financial Literacy: The INS & OUTS of Debt & Credit

  • ARGHH!…Understanding & Managing Conflict

  • Challenge to Change

  • Transitions

  • Edmonton Labour Market Overview

  • Interview Techniques

  • Work Search

  • Strategies for Employment Success

  • Career Laddering: Charting Your Course While in the Job Market

  • Online/ Social Media Job Search

  • Workplace & Personal Development

  • Children & Choices: Taking Control

  • Modern Job Search for Mature Workers


Career Planning (3 Days) 
The Career Planning workshop provides information and activities to assist you in understanding and applying the Career Planning process.
Activities will include:

  • Career Planning Process…What are the steps to career planning? Participants will take part in activities throughout the three days to ensure that they are confident in applying these steps to their Career Plan.
  • Self-Discovery…Provides participants with written and interactive assessments for identifying their values, interests and abilities. The Career Decision Making System (booklet and map) is used to help narrow down some career possibilities for each client.
  • Identifying career options and researching…After the assessments, participants will be able to identify careers using a hands-on approach with the www.alis.gov.ab.ca website. They will conduct in depth career research and document their research in a Career Investigation Report. The www.alis.gov.ab.ca website will also be used to introduce the latest labour market trends.
  • Make a decision…Learning about the decision making process and how it relates to the career planning process will help participants make decisions about their career plans.
  • Self-Confidence…Self-confidence and self-esteem are often tied together. In this session participants will review strategies for boosting self-confidence; such as how to focus on the positive, learn from failure and transfer it into success.
  • Action planning…Create a step-by-step Client Investment Plan in collaboration with the Facilitator. This lesson will also introduce how to stay focused and on track during the Career Planning process. Ensuring that participants are capable of achieving their goal is top priority.


Transitions (2 Days)
The Transitions workshop is a customized version of the Career Planning workshop outlined earlier, providing a significant focus on the unique requirements of participants who are experiencing health problems and/or physical limitations that may impact their career goals.
Activities will include:

  • Career Planning: Steps involved in career planning
  • Health Detours: Identify how health/physical limitations may impact your career path
  • Occupation Alternatives: Generate, research and explore a variety of occupation options
  • Decision Making: Strategies to choose life/occupation goals
  • Community Resources: Identify resources and how they can assist you work towards your career goals


Planning for School or Training; Buyer Beware (2 Days)
Considering Education? This workshop will assist you if you are considering returning to education by providing information and strategies on a number of areas that are essential to their being successful in the transition. The goal of the workshop will be to make every effort to ensure that you are Ready, Willing, and Able to benefit from returning to education.
Activities will include:

  • Researching Institutions & Programs of Study…The importance of researching training institutions and comparing programs of study is emphasized. Case studies, things to consider and questions to ask the training institutions are discussed. Reference is made to the www.alis.gov.ab.ca website.
  • Application Process & Eligibility Guidelines…Information pertaining to student funding, eligibility criteria and application procedures are discussed. Student Finance funding applications are reviewed to provide the opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with the documentation.
  • Informed Choice…Returning to school is a big decision that is not to be taken lightly. It is emphasized to participants that they will need to carefully plan their return to school and show that they are making an informed choice.
  • Preparing to Return to School…Identifies personal life management issues such as methods for appropriate study skills, time management and stress management in order for participants to determine if they are ready, willing and able to benefit from an educational opportunity.
  • Budgeting and Financial Management…Methods to effectively budget and make financial management decisions are reviewed. Exercises from AHR&E workbooks are used.


Edmonton Labour Market Overview (1/2 Day)
This session provides an introduction to the Edmonton region labour market, its primary industries, key companies & available employment/ career opportunities. The session will:

  • Review current and forecasted labour market developments.
  • Explore area career/employment opportunities,, trends and challenges.
  • Develop an understanding of Labour Market Information & how you can use it to identify how your current skills/ experience may enable help you to access area opportunities.
  • Learn about resources that will keep up to date with area Labour Market happenings.


Resumes & Cover Letters (1 Day)
The Resume/Cover letter workshop delivers strategies and exercises for creating resumes and cover letters that effectively present your skills, experiences and interests to potential employers. Participants will be provided with electronic &/or hard copies of their Resume within two business days following the workshop.
Activities will include:

  • Purpose of a Resume/Cover Letter…This is an introduction and discussion about the concepts for creating resumes and cover letters to effectively represent participants’ skills, experiences, and interests to potential employers.
  • Identifying the major components of a Resume/Cover Letter… Participants will receive and review handouts that outline step-by-step how to master all of the components of a resume and cover letter.
  • Different types of Resume/Cover Letter formats…The three types of resumes; chronological, Functional and Combination will be shown visually and discussed with participants. The DATA (Desire, Ability, Temperament, Assets) concept will be introduced and used when writing cover letters and the importance of formatting will be discussed. Electronic Resumes will also be discussed, covering such items as e-resumes and e-mail etiquette.
  • What are my skills… “Writing Effective Resumes” booklet will be reviewed when discussing how to identify transferable skills, technical skills, personal attributes, leisure activities, community work and volunteer work for a resume. Cover letter principles will be discussed, so proper formatting and style will be utilized.
  • Tips and Techniques…Hands-on techniques such as, utilizing the www.alis.gov.ab.ca website with tips and going through exercises that result in a final draft of their own personal resume will be discussed.
  • Finished Product…Participants will be provided with a final version of their Resume.


Interview Techniques (1 Day)
The interview techniques workshop will assist participants in gaining competence and confidence in implementing the following interview techniques: preparation and research, interview formats and process, question styles, intent of questions and appropriate responses.
Activities will include:

  • Purpose of an interview…The interview agendas of both employers and job seekers are reviewed.
  • Interview Types…Screening interviews, panel interviews and behaviour descriptive interviews are discussed.
  • Interview Process… Interview preparation is key to a successful interview. Strategies to research the company and job position are emphasized, as are the stages of an interview. Reference is made to the www.alis.gov.ab.ca website. This lesson provides examples of typical interview questions and the type of information that interviewers are seeking. The importance of presentation style and effective communication skills is highlighted. Follow-up letters are reviewed.
  • Coaching… Participants will receive guidance from the facilitator in how to answer/discuss difficult/negative situations in the form of a positive response.
  • Role-play and feedback…Participants have the opportunity to conduct mock interview role-plays in order to practice their newly learned skills. The participants who are sitting as observers provide peer feedback to the interviewee.


Work Search (1 Day)
The Work Search workshop will introduce a variety of work search techniques to participants who are currently seeking employment.
Work search process, tools and techniques…Participants will receive information on and complete activities about:

  • Resumes…The purpose of resumes, types, gathering information, formatting, action words/phrases, reviewing drafts, resume checklist and samples.
  • Cover Letters…The basic principles of a cover letter, design suggestions, words to avoid tip sheet and samples.
  • References…The purpose of references, when to include references, choosing appropriate references and asking their permission.
  • Traditional Vs. Hidden Job Market…Differentiating between the two job markets and tips about how to access the hidden job market. Sources of employment leads will be discussed.
  • Networking…This lesson will include everything from the basic understanding of networking to network etiquette. Participants will review handouts outlining how to contact potential employers and how to maintain contact with future employers.
  • Contacting Potential Employers…Participants will acquire telephone techniques and how to get past the “gatekeepers”. A role-play activity will be introduced to walk participants through possible real life scenarios.
  • Information Interviews…The purpose of an information interview, how to gather information about the employer and how to conduct the interview.
  • Thank You Letters…The benefits of sending thank you letters will be discussed. Participants will also receive sample letters for different situations.
  • Application Forms…The purpose of filling out an application when job searching. Participants will also be given tips for completing an application, a sample and practical exercise.
  • Personal Support System…This lesson is very important during work search and will teach participants about the benefit of a support system as well as, how to develop and identify support systems.
  • LMIC…Participants will be given an overview of the www.alis.gov.ab.ca website and the Labour Market Information Center, including all resources and services it provides.

GAIN the EMPLOYMENT EDGE by combining 3 of our most essential workshops for employment success:
Resumes & Cover Letters, Interview Techniques, & Work Search


Strategies for Employment Success (1 Day)
Being successful in the workplace goes beyond just “getting hired”. Employers want to hire people that possess the skills & attributes that fit not only the job description but also the company culture & contribute to the overall success of the company. Identify & explore potential barriers that may be coming between you & successful long term employment.

  • Explore Employer Expectations, Workplace Realities and the World of Work.
  • Identify Strategies for achieving Employment Success.
  • Develop an individualized Success Plan that will map out a path to Employment Success.


Transferable Skills: Leveraging Your Assets (1 Day)
An interactive workshop that will help you to:

  • Identify your transferable assets and learn what employers are looking for.
  • Learn what strengths, skills & assets you have to offer employers
  • Brainstorm to identify alternative occupational choices

Modern Job Search For Mature Workers (1 Day)

Overview/ Objectives: This workshop supports Older Workers in creating a Personalized Success Strategy as they navigate a Mid-Life Career Move or re-enter the work force. Participants will be motivated to identify the strengths they bring to the workforce but how to also mitigate areas that may challenge their success at this stage of their life/ career.

Outcomes: Through guided facilitation, interactive discussion, small group activity and self-assessment, participants will:

  • Understand change and their position within change acceptance using the Bridges Change Model
  • Identify and assess their soft skills and areas of strength
  • Explore “Positive Beliefs” about Older Workers and how to use them to leverage career opportunities
  • Discuss stereotypes and dispel myths surrounding Older Workers
  • Discover solutions to the challenges of re-entering the workforce as an older worker
  • Examine 12 Mistakes Older Job Seekers make
  • Learn how to avoid being screened out of employment opportunities
  • Increase their ability to create effective Resumes that work and win at Interviews
  • Explore career decisions that align with their financial landscape
  • Review helpful tips and strategies for creating a successful Mid-Life Career Move
  • Develop a Personalized Success Strategy that will guide them through the next steps of reaching their stated goal


Career Laddering: Charting Your Course While in the Job Market ( 1 Day). 
The “Career Laddering” workshop assists those who are working, or have some work experience, to achieve the most from their career by taking an active role in charting their personal career path.

Participants will receive information on and complete activities to…

  • Develop an understanding of the concept of “Career Laddering”
  • Identify and reflect on the knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs that they bring to their career.
  • Identify skill or knowledge areas requiring further development to enhance their individual career potential.
  • Assist participants in creating a vision to enhance their career path, mobility and/ or the ability to branch into new areas.
  • Discuss and identify potential barriers to career success and discover methods to generate possible solutions.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of labour market information, resources and trends to apply to their career path.
  • Develop individual career laddering plans and an action plan for continued competency development.


Introduction to Computers (1 Day)
This session offers a setting that allows you to gain practice and develop confidence with using computers and internet job search skills during career planning and work search activities to support your education and career goals.

  • Introduction to the key components of computers and the Internet (browser, search engines and websites).
  • Learn to create and save documents & folders; Make changes and update files.
  • Develop the ability to submit resumes online and discover tips for applying on-line.
  • Build an understanding of how to use various websites for your job search activities: researching jobs, companies, industries, job postings, advice, networking, applying online.
  • Explore key concepts of the career planning process and work search activities.
  • Understand the Benefits of & Precautions for using the internet for job search.


Online/ Social Media Job Search (1 Day)
Our “Connected” world provides opportunity like never before to broaden our options for ways to find jobs with technology (Computer, Smartphone, etc.) being an essential tool for today’s job seekers. This workshop is an energizing mix of instruction and hands on experience that will help participants gain the confidence and competence they need to conduct an effective online job search.

  • Build an understanding of how to perform a successful online job search.
  • Learn how to set up and manage your social media profile for a successful job search.
  • Review the do’s and don’ts of social media.
  • Online safety and privacy considerations.
  • Discover how to navigate online job banks and employment sites.


Money $marts: Intro to Financial Literacy: (1 Day)
Discover power budgeting and SMARTS goal setting. This interactive workshop gets you applying real world situations to theory.

  • Explore and learn to develop assets in 5 areas essential to financial growth.
  • Learn to budget, track spending & keep more $$$ in your pocket.
  • Gain a better understanding of how consumerism impacts your spending and saving habits.
  • Learn to manage temptations and change negative spending habits.


Financial Literacy: The INS & OUTS of Debt & Credit (1 Day)
Managing debt and credit is an important skill in reaching our financial goals. Learn about the difference between good debt/credit & bad debt/credit.

  • Explore how good credit can be easily established, built or repaired if damaged.
  • Understand the 5 C’s of credit and how financial institutions and employers evaluate you.
  • Use interactive activities to apply the concepts and achieve financial success.


Workplace & Personal Development (3 & 5 Day Options)
This is a safe, interactive workshop where you can ask questions, get answers, practice and improve. Prepare for your work/life by learning effective skills for that help you in your career and your personal life.

  • Improve relationships with better communication, assertiveness, and stress management strategies.
  • Discover effective ways to handle anger & learn conflict resolution skills.
  • Gain skills and qualities employers want; Feel better about yourself and the results you are getting in all your relationships.
  • Set goals to improve your life/work.


Children & Choices: Taking Control (2 Days)
The Children & Choices: Taking Control workshop will assist participants to lower their barriers to independence and provide each participant with the belief that change for the better is achievable.
Participants will receive information on and complete activities to…

  • Identify their strengths and weakness’ in being personally and professionally successful; topics range from stereotyping, positive communication skills and healthy relationships to goal setting.
  • Explore community resources and supports.
  • Become aware of practical life management strategies.
  • Create value based, personalized action plans to meet their goals.


Challenge to Change (1 Day)
The Challenge to Change workshop supports participants understanding of the nature of change and how it affects them in order to develop improved self-awareness, acceptance of change and more supportive life/work relationships. Through an identification of the factors that contribute to change resistance or change acceptance, participants can develop a personal change management strategy that will enhance their productivity and energy, reduce stress and increase their engagement and satisfaction in all areas of their life.

Challenge to Change will assist participants to discover how their acceptance or resistance to change can lead to a Personal Change Management Strategy that will enhance their individual productivity and satisfaction in many areas of their life.

Upon completion of the Challenge to Change workshop, participants will:

  • Recognize the drivers behind change
  • Learn the phases of change acceptance & the Bridges model of change and transition
  • Identify personal strategies to manage the transition process
  • Understand common reasons to resist change & their own methods & levels of resistance
  • Learn about the role of communication and how it affects change acceptance
  • Understand the traits of change readiness & how to build change readiness for themselves
  • Be more aware of their own change/transition process and be motivated to find strategies to become change-ready


ARGHH!…Understanding & Managing Conflict (1 Day)
All human relationships will have some element of conflict. The Arghh! Understanding & Managing Conflict workshop provides participants with an understanding about their style of conflict resolution which will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their approach and assist them to develop more effective methods to deal with conflict on the job. By way of interactive discussion and activities, participants will identify alternate strategies to add to their inventory of conflict management tools.

The Arghh! Understanding & Managing Conflict workshop will equip participants with the right tools and supports to effectively manage conflict in the workplace & in their personal life, resulting in a more productive, healthy and effective overall personal wellness, thus reducing the “Arghh!” factor.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Determine how they handle conflict and their conflict style through self assessment
  • Gain an understanding about their style of conflict resolution
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their approach to conflict
  • Develop more effective methods to deal with conflict on the job
  • Learn about managing hostility and reducing stress
  • Examine methods to create win-win solutions

To meet individual preferences, Workshops are delivered at various sites and at various times throughout the greater Edmonton region.

  • Daytime workshops (weekday/weekend) run from 9am to 4pm
  • Evening workshops run from 6pm to 9pm


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