North Assessment Centre


The North Assessment Centre provides Assessment and Service Management, including six months follow-up, services to at-risk youth, sixteen (16) to nineteen (19) years of age, who wish to attend or are attending High School or an Outreach School, grades 10-12, and may require Learner Income Support.




Who we work with:

Youth living in the Edmonton, Northwest and Northeast regions (See Service Region Map) who require these services and could be facing challenges that could include but are not limited to a lack of stable housing, lack of parental engagement or support, English as an Additional Language, academic performance issues, family economic needs, childcare concerns, addiction issues, and other disability issues.


Our Goal:

To ensure that youth who want to attend High School or an Outreach School but are experiencing barriers are provided with the financial (Learner Income Support) and personal support/ resources needed to achieve their educational goal.  This could mean completion of Grade 12 or the minimum prerequisites to attend a Post-Secondary Institution.

Learner Income Support benefits provides eligible learners who may not have the financial resources to attend education/training with funding so they can access the necessary training to achieve the most direct & effective transition to employment/ further training.  This funding is to be applied to School Fees and Living Expenses while attending school.


How can the North Assessment Centre benefit me?

  • If you are eligible, one of the most important benefits is Financial Support to help you complete your education. We will help you to complete the application process and to gather any required documentation
  • You will have a personal, dedicated Service Manager who will act as your advocate, will help you address any challenges you may face and will identify success strategies so you can reach your goals!
  • With today’s technology, personalized support is just a “click” away
  • Referrals to available supports and resources
  • Information on what’s going on in the local labour market and coaching for your employment and career goals


What are my next steps?

If you think we may be able to help you meet your education goals, contact us and we can see what we can do for you and answer any questions you may have.

  • Call us at 780-425-6655 or toll free at 844-392-4706
  • Send us a direct message via facebook @BGSCareerVentures

Be sure to contact us as soon as you can so there are no delays in your funding!


Don’t Forget:
Your BGS Counselor will provide you with
support to complete the Application Process!



Are you a High School/ Outreach School Representative and you think you may know of students who could benefit from our services?

BGS can provide information overviews on regulations, policies & expectations regarding Grant Funding & Learner Benefits and what a positive option this program offers for supporting youth to achieve their educational goals.

Contact us for more information!



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