Coaching Packages

The “Getaway” (Basic Package: Approximately 4 Hours)
A tour for those Career Travellers who have their destination picked out but are looking for a re-energizing session to ensure that their plan is on track for a successful career adventure

  • Review of what you are looking for and what you have to offer
  • “Upgrade” your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Review the tools in your Career BackPack
  • Set out an effective Career Traveller Map for Destination: Interview
  • Words of Advice for your Journey: Interviews that result in Job Offers

The “UpGrade”

  • An initial Career Planning Assessment
  • Development of a personalized “Career Traveller” Action Plan
  • Overview of Strategies for a Successful Job Search
  • Up to 8- half hour coaching sessions (As Required)

The “All-Inclusive” (an enhanced package for Career Travellers who require additional counseling, personal assessment, and guidance)

This package includes the items in the “Getaway” PLUS:

  • Job Loss/Separation counselling
  • Review of past Education & Employment experiences
  • Assessment and review activities to reveal interests, values and goals, as well as to identify personal strengths and potential areas for improvement in order to develop your individualized Career Traveller Action Plan
  • Review of Career Traveller Survival Skills including self-marketing, electronic job search, networking, and developing your custom job search itinerary.
  • Access to Fax, Photocopy and Laser Printer
  • Administrative services available for an additional fee
  • 90 days of Follow-up support and guidance


(Available as Requested)

  • Job Loss/Separation Counselling
  • Assessment Activities & Tests for determining where your personal interests, values and skills lie.
  • Review & Evaluation of past education, employment, and job search skills
  • Professional Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Creating a personalized job search strategy that meets your identified needs and goals
  • Interview training and practical simulations to develop Interview skills and confidence
  • Review of Career Traveller Survival Skills including the Hidden Job Market, Self-Marketing, Image Consulting, electronic job search, networking, and developing your custom job search itinerary.
  • Self-help Resources including the ability to reserve private office space for your job search (includes telephone and Internet), access to Fax, Photocopy and Laser Printer
  • You’ve received a Job Offer: Now What?
  • 90 days of Ongoing telephone and in person Follow-up support, guidance & coaching
  • Additional customized options are available upon request

We appreciate the unique needs of all of our Career Travellers. While we do offer a comprehensive approach to career counseling and personal development, service programs can be developed into a custom itinerary to successfully meet your specific requests.

For additional information…
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