Personal Career Strategies

BGS’“Career Traveller” series is based on the idea that people can relate the excitement and enthusiasm that they experience when planning a vacation to an ongoing way of looking at the lifelong activity that is the “Career Planning Process.”

Often, either due to past experiences, or today’s hurried lifestyle, Career Travellers have lost their way and are settling for a “job” instead of focusing on a 5 star career that meets their personal needs. Your BGS Career Traveller Coach will work in partnership with you while you explore your career options, determine what career expeditions you may want to experience, and build the itinerary for your Career Destination. Our Career Traveller service promise is that your guide will provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that you are achieving the goals that have been set out in your Career Traveller Action Plan. Your dedicated Coach will provide feedback, motivation and encouragement to support you in attaining the personal objectives that you have set out for your Career Traveller adventure.

“Career Traveller” Support and Coaching
Just as a skilled Travel Agent can assist you in determining the best vacation options for you, and how to achieve these vacations of choice, BGS’ expert Career Traveller Coaches provide a range of services to clients who are in various stages of their personal Career Planning Process.

Career Travellers that we work with include those who are:

  • Actively seeking employment;
  • Looking for a career change;
  • Looking to improve their personal Career Traveller skills “Savvy”

Our Career Traveller Itinerary is made up of a 6-part approach covering areas of your journey including:

  • Dealing with Job Loss
  • Personalized Assessments targeting “Self” and “Career” discovery
  • Customized Job Search Marketing Strategy for today’s Career Traveller
  • Developing “Tools & Supplies” for your Career BackPack
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development
  • Reliable References
  • “e”lectronic Job Search
  • Introduction, Follow-Up, and Thank You Letters
  • Networking & Interviewing for Success
  • Success! Negotiating & Accepting the Job Offer

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