Career Solutions

BGS offers two distinct development series to provide our clients with opportunities to explore and maximize their unique potential. Whether you are a Traveller seeking direction in your career, beginning to explore the pre-retirement/ retirement adventure, or are a company looking for information on, and strategies to address the challenges of today’s labour environment, our Traveller Series are designed to meet your needs.


  • a chosen pursuit; a profession or occupation
  • the general course or progression of one’s working life or one’s professional achievements


  • one who travels or has traveled
  • a person who changes location


  • independent of time; eternal
  • unaffected by time; ageless


Who is the “Career Traveller”?
One who optimizes their experience by taking an active role in the constantly changing venture that is their Career.

Our Career Traveller Coaches provide a range of services to clients who are in various stages of their Career Planning journey. Services can include:

  • One to One Coaching & Support
  • Development of an Individualized “Career Traveller Itinerary” that sets out an overall approach and strategies to achieve career goals
  • Developing and updating the “Tools and Supplies” for your Career BackPack


Who is the “Timeless Traveller”?
Career Travellers who have reached the pre-retirement and/or retirement stage of their venture and are ready to explore the essential lifestyle dimensions for continued success in their journey.

For those experienced clients who are beginning to think about, plan for, and enter, the exciting next stage of their journey, we provide pre-retirement and retirement services including:

  • “Understanding Retirement” Overview Session
  • One to One Pre-Retirement Coaching
  • Ongoing Support & Assistance as Required


Each of our “Traveller” series has an industry focus that BGS can bring to employers. Whether you are in a position of restructuring, enhancing employee performance/ motivation, working to retain key employees, or are looking for strategies to deal with today’s labour challenges, BGS offers the following:

  • Workshops focusing on today’s labour market and what it means for employers
  • Frameworks for Recruiting and Retaining Employees
  • Practice and Policy considerations to address workforce needs
  • Strategies on how to deal with the Retirement Wave
  • Employer and Employee Development Seminars
  • Customized Coaching & Transition Services

The Traveller was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes “sight-seeing.” 
~Daniel J. Boorstin