Service Management and YOU

Your BGS Service Manager will provide guidance and support as you work towards obtaining your training/employment goal.

Your Service Manager will:

  • Provide you with ongoing coaching and support to help you complete your training and reach your goal!
  • Help you if you need to change your goal or any of the necessary steps to reach your goal
  • Contact you for updates on your progress and attendance for each term that you are receiving grant funding
  • Advise you regarding concerns and questions about your Learner Benefits Funding
  • Assist you with your next step toward reaching your goal (student loan, referral for job search support, etc)
  • Continue to provide Follow-up support for 6 months following the completion of your funding


What is expected of Me?

While in School/Training, to continue to receive grant funding, you must:

⇒Pass all your courses

⇒Attend regularly

⇒Stay in contact with your Service Manager about your progress, and any changes to your goal, course plan, or finances


After Training/ School is complete:

⇒You will need to provide information on the education or employment that resulted from your training

⇒You will be contacted to complete a review 3 months and 6 months after your school/training has completed