Skills Investment Program/ Assessment & Service Management FAQ


How long does the application process take? How soon will I be able to start school?

A: If you have been recommended for funding by an Authorized BGS Official, the Application process can take 4-6 weeks. You should not start your training until you receive your “Financial Decision Letter” from the Learner Income Support Office (LISO)


Can I work part-time while I am in school?

A: Yes


Can I get a student loan to cover my budget items that cannot be covered by the Skills Investment Program grant?

A: No


What is the appeal process if my application is not recommended?

A: You will receive a letter from your counselor detailing why you were not approved. As well, you will be provided with contact information for a BGS Manager to whom you will direct your appeal with your basis for the appeal


Is this Grant taxable income?

A: Yes


I am working right now. Can I quit my job and apply for the Skills Investment Program grant?

A: No


I know I need to upgrade my education, but I don’t know what kind of job I want in the future. Can I apply for the grant to do upgrading for my high school diploma and then figure out my goal at a later date?

A: No, you must have a realistic employment goal in order to be eligible for grant funding


My spouse and I keep our financial records separate; do I have to declare his/her income?

A: Yes


My food costs are very high due to a medical situation in my family. Will the grant be able to help with these costs?

A: Possibly, depending on the individual situation and provided documentation


I am on Special Benefits of Employment Insurance (Medical, Maternity, Parental EI). Can I start my re-training now?

A: No


My financial situation has changed since I started school (e.g., my spouse has been laid off, I started a part-time job, the rent has gone up, my spouse got a raise, I need prescription glasses, etc) what do I do?

A: You should inform your Service Manager as soon as possible so that a “Change of Circumstances” form can be completed so that your situation can be reassessed


My teacher is recommending different courses for me than we originally planned when I applied for the grant. Is that okay?

A: You must meet with your Service Manager to discuss any possible changes to your planned courses


I am studying at a self-paced school. Can I finish the course early and continue on the grant while I look for work?

A: No


I live with my parents, but they expect me to pay rent. Can I apply for rent costs?

A: Yes


I prefer to have my relatives look after my children instead of subsidized daycare? Can I get assistance to pay for babysitting by relatives?

A: Yes, as long as the relatives do not live in the same household


After I apply for the grant can I stop looking for work and wait for school to start?

A: No, training would not be necessary if you can find sustainable work.


Why don’t I qualify for a grant if I am making a career change by choice? 

A: The grant is for those who do not have marketable skills. If you choose to make a career change by choice, you could apply for Student Loan funding


Why do I need to show evidence of a job search? 

A: To identify that you have made an effort to attach to the labour market but have been unsuccessful


I live with my boyfriend/girlfriend but we have separate bank accounts and financial responsibilities. Can I be assessed as a single? 

A: No


What if I defaulted on previous loans and did not finish the training program. Can I still qualify for a grant? 

A: You could possibly still be eligible for a grant.